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Quality care for our seniors

An Alternate Living Arrangement For Older Citizens With Kenwood Care Corp.


  • To prevent unnecessary institutionalization
  • To sustain functioning of aging as one grows older

  • Our Goal:
    To provide a physical and social environment which will extend the time older people can live independently in safety and comfort, with dignity and respect.

    Kenwood Care Corp. is:
  • A unique concept of assisted residential living for aging adults which combines congregate living assistance with activities of daily living. We maintain the resident's independent or semi-independent functioning in a daily living environment.
  • An alternate life-style for the elderly who may suffer an impairment or loss of energy, but who are not ill.
  • Offers:
  • Residential - Home Environment
  • Warm Family Atmosphere
  • Home Cooked Meals and Snacks
  • Housekeeping & Laundry
  • Activities and Socialization
  • Private or Semi-Private
  • Transportation Arranged
  • 24 Hours Supervision
  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living
  • Private Living Space while Sharing Common Areas
  • A Level of Resident Care between Independent Living and Nursing Home
  • Supervision of Medication as Needed
  • Licensed by DHMH and Inspected by Howard County Office on Aging
  • Participating in Medicaid Waiver and State Subsidy

  • Kenwood Care Corp. is an alternative for: A Nursing Care Facility and an Institution.

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    Kenwood Care Corp.
    Phone: 410-988-9797
    Cell: 443-745-6115